NERO PORTORO Italian marble

Nero Portoro is a  black marble from Italy (Porto Venere,La Spezia, Riviera, Liguria).
Forms: Slabs, Blocks, Tiles.
Processing options: Honed, Aged, Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Bushhammered, Tumbled.
Proposed uses: Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall cappi and other design projects.
Also known as: Black Portoro, Portoto Nero Giallo, Portoro Nero, Portoro Macchia Larga, Nero Portoro Vena Larga, Nero Portoro Macchia Larga, Portoro Macchia Grande, Portoro Macchia Oro, Nero Portoro Vena Fine, Portoro Macchia Fine, Portoro Extra Marble, Portoro Nero Giallo, Portoro Gold, Port d’Or, Porte-Or, Nero Portoro Marble.

Country of Origin: Italy

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