March 6-9, 2019
Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center


China Xiamen International Stone Fair develops rapidly and become the largest professional stone exhibition in the world.
The 2019 session will exhibit a range of products like granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, volcanic rock, artificial stone, countertop, shaped stone, stone furniture, gravestone, stone carving, landscape stone, rain-flower stone, cobblestone, mosaic, stone mining, processing, fork loading, diamond tools, dry hanging accessories, and inspection instrument.


• Natural Raw Blocks & Slabs
• Cut To Size & Dimension Stone
• Countertop & Other Interior Stone Products
• Stone Conservation Products
• Landscape Stone, Memorial Stone & Sculpture
• Full Range of Machines & Tools
• Artificial Stone & Allied Service
• Industry Press & Associations


• Block & Slab: Granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, volcanic rock, artificial stone
• Stone Products: Countertop, shaped stone, stone furniture, gravestone, stone carving, landscape stone, rain-flower stone, cobblestone, mosaic
• Mechanical Tools: Stone mining, processing, fork loading, diamond tools, dry hanging accessories, inspection instrument
• Stone Conservation: Abrasive and grinding tools, cleaning equipment, care products, adhesive, colorant


Xiamen Stone Fair has become the largest professional stone exhibition in the world.
It is an opportunity for buyers and sellers of stone products and services from around the world to source an astounding array of the very latest technologies, innovations and techniques.
It’s a perfect place to meet and network with international key specialists and qualified buyers, architects, engineers, designers, real estate developers, construction contractors and decoration companies, etc.


Xiamen Jinhongxin Exhibition Co., Ltd.
No.198, Huizhan Road, Siming District, Xiamen, CHINA

Strongly supported by Xiamen municipal government and related departments, Xiamen Jinhongxin Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a professional exhibition company under XICEC Group, a major comprehensive enterprises engaging in exhibition activity as well as a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited.
Its major businesses include hosting international professional trade shows, organizing Chinese exhibitors to participate in overseas fairs, and providing e-business services related with fairs.


Floorplan of the Stone Xiamen Fair Exhibition 2019

Link with the World

• 2,000+ exhibitors from 56 countries
• 150,000+ trade buyers from 146 countries & regions
• 180,000㎡ Exhibit Space


Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center,
Exhibition Road, No. 198, Xiamen 361008, Xiamen, China.
Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, whose total construction area is 400,000 square meters, includes Exhibition enter Phase I, Phase II, Phase III & Phase IV.
Exhibition Center Phase I, Phase II and Phase III and Phase IV has a total of 24 exhibition halls covering a total area of nearly 150,000 square meters.
Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center is located on the southeast coast of Xiamen Island.

Haobo stone car


• Communication with world’s top master architects & designers
• New product launch sessions to know about the latest innovation
• Conversation with experts to learn up-to-date knowledge and skills


1. Global Master Architects Forum
2. New Product Launch 2019
3. Stone Infinite – Product Design Show
4. Stone Design Forum
5. Educational Sessions
6. Sessions for Industrial Promotion


Learned from the General Administration of Customs, China’s total amount of stone imports and exports amounted to USD 9.61 billion, with 49.08 million tons involved in 2017.
The imports capped a robust year and reached to 14.65 million tons valuing USD 2.79 billion with an increase in tonnage of 23.21%, and by value of 26.78%.
As the most active stone production and consumption market, China’s total trade share in global stone industry maintains at about 25%~30%.
Natural stone are importing worldwide mainly from Turkey, India, Italy, Brazil, Iran, Egypt, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Finland, South Africa.
And the main export destinations of natural stone materials includes USA, Germany, UAE, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Japan, India, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

Xiamen Port, where Xiamen Stone Fair is held, accounted for nearly 60% of China’s stone import volume and became the largest stone production base and distribution center. Complete stone production line is established and well-developed here. Raw block quarrying, R&D center, further processing, logistics and other allied services created a virtuous industry cycle.
The top stone enterprises in China have already set their processing base here and kept exploring a vast new market.


Stone Imports Increased by 30% at Xiamen Haicang Port
According to the statistics from Xiamen Haicang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, at the first seven months of 2017, the bureau has inspected a total amount of 2.5965 million tons of imported stones, the value of 477 million USD, with an increase of 30.12% and 32.25% respectively.

The total amount of imported stone continued to grow quickly, ranking first in the national imports of stone.
Among them, imported marbles reached 2.3001 million tons, the value of 417 million USD, with an increase of 31.02% and 33.65% respectively; Imported granites 296,400 tons, 57 million USD, with a decrease of 29.68% and 24.26% respectively. The volume and price rise simultaneously.

There are three major characteristics in the imports of stone in Haicang port. Firstly, the proportion of marble imported from Haicang port is larger than that of other kinds, which is 88.58% of the total. Secondly, the distribution of imported countries is further expanding. Among them, the marbles from Turkey takes up 64.75%. Thirdly, the comprehensive capacity of Haicang port has been further enhanced.
The world’s largest container ship has successfully docked at sea wharf. Bulk imports of stone dock at offshore Wharf. The development of large-scale ship transportation is accelerated accordingly.


From figures by the Chinese General Administration of Customs, significant changes appeared in the structure of stone products exported in 2016. Rectangular stones, granite headstones, marble products, granite tombstones, granite products, slates, artificial stones are the most popular varieties of stones exported.

The main countries and regions who imported Chinese stones are: South Korea (1.18 billion USD), America (0.63 billion USD), Japan (0.47 billion USD), Saudi Arabia (0.14 billion USD), Vietnam (0.34 billion USD), Taiwan (0.103 billion USD), Iraq (0.145 billion USD), Germany (0.193 billion USD), Macau (0.12 billion USD), etc.

Regarding to the imported quantity and variety, marble blocks and granite blocks were still the top two, taking up over 95%. Among them, Marble blocks imported reached 1.2 billion USD, 6.53 million tons. Main countries imported marble blocks to China: Turkey (0.671 billion USD, 3.3 million tons), Egypt (0.11 billion USD), Italy (0.104 billion USD), Iran (95 million USD), Spain (47 million tons), etc.
Granite blocks imported reached 0.807 billion USD, 4.72 million tons. Main countries imported granite blocks to China: India (0.553 billion USD, 3.5 million tons), Brazil (0.156 billion USD, 0.74 million tons), Finland (18 million USD, 0.12 million tons), Norway (25 million USD, 93 thousand tons), South Africa (14 million USD, 79 thousand tons), etc.

Overview of China Stone Import & Export (2000 - 2016)


Review 2018 - Exhibitors

Origin of overseas exhibitors

Review of overseas visitors 2018

Total visitors of last edition: 150,290.

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