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Parque de Exposição Floriano Varejão, ES – Brasil
12 to 15 February, 2019. 47th edition.

“The history of Vitoria Stone Fair is connected to the story of hundreds of companies, investors, buyers, institutions, and to every individual who believes in the importance and potential of natural stones”

Vitoria Stone Fair is an international trade fair exclusively dedicated to the sector of ornamental stones and related products.The event welcomes professionals from the most varied sectors related to the extraction and processing of rocks, civil construction, architecture and design.
Vitoria Stone Fair is also open to students from areas related to the event.VITORIA STONE FAIR 2019MARMO MAC

Reference for the ornamental stones industry in Latin America, Vitoria Stone Fair brings together large companies of extraction and processing of natural stones, equipment, machinery, supplies and technologies from all over the world.

The event is an opportunity to conduct face-to-face business, evaluate products and services, work on marketing tools, expand actions and product launches, strengthening partnerships and prospecting new markets.
Window to the world, Vitoria Stone Fair is held in Espírito Santo, state with the largest Brazilian industrial park in the country. While Brazil has the greatest diversity of natural rocks in the world – more than 1,200 varieties – ES is the largest producer and exporter of slabs and blocks.
• 47 Editions
• 30 mil m2
• Largest fair of the sector in the Americas
• Air-conditioned Halls and external area
• Area for blocks exhibition

Throughout the 4 days of the event, the fair welcomes professionals from the most varied sectors related to the extraction and processing of rocks, civil construction, architecture and design. Vitoria Stone Fair is also opened to students from areas related to the event.


Vitoria Stone Fair is the largest event in the Americas developed exclusively for the ornamental stones sector. The fair is a meeting point for big players in the industry, bringing together companies, buyers, traders, investors, media and representative entities in one place.

The possibilities for exchange of knowledge, partnerships with new markets and networking represents a big opportunity for all the target audiences.
Companies: Find the biggest players in the international market all gathered in one place.
Buyers and Traders: The fair brings together launches and innovation in rocks and technologies.
Design and architecture professionals: Know new possibilities to build, remodel, plan and decorate with natural materials: durable, timeless, beautiful and exclusive.
Students: Learn about international relations in the stone sector: networking with companies and big investors.


Vitoria Stone Fair grows each year in international participation. In 2018 the fair received people from 46 countries, among exhibitors and visitors.

The 47th edition of Vitoria Stone Fair will gather more than 400 exhibitors and 20 thousand visitors. The event’s program seeks to foster business and strengthen the ornamental stones sector in Brazil and Latin America, bringing new markets and encouraging the exchange of companies and entities with international players.

Today, Vitoria Stone Fair is among the four largest ornamental stones event in the world, and, the only fair in the Americas dedicated exclusively to this sector. Over the years, the fair has seen family-owned companies achieve international relevance, accompanying the purchase of modern machines and transforming Brazil into the second largest importer of technology for the processing of ornamental stones.

– Natural Stones in Brazil
Brazil holds the largest diversity of ornamental stones in the world and one of the largest reserves. Across the American continent, it is the main producer and exporter of rocks. Brazilian production covers a wide variety of rocks, such as granites, marbles, quartzites, travertine, limestone and other types sold in domestic and foreign markets. According to Abirochas, the country currently occupies the 4th position in the world production ranking, being responsible for 7% of the world production.
• Main supplier to the US;
• Largest and best producer of slabs in the world;
• More than 10.000 companies operating in the production chain;
• Second largest importer of technologies for extraction and processing.

– Espírito Santo
Largest producer and main exporter of slabs and blocks in Brazil. Espírito Santo accounts for more than 75% of production and 85% of exports. More than 70% of the cutting-edge technology for extraction and processing in the country belongs to companies in Espírito Santo.

– Buyers Club
The last edition of Vitoria Stone Fair welcomed more than 100 international buyers as a part of the Buyers Club project, further enriching networking and business opportunities during and after the event.
The expectation for 2019 is to expand the Buyers Club, reaching different markets and a higher number of participants.



After the success in 2018, with the registration of more than 300 people from architectural offices across the country, the largest Arch & Design workshop in the Americas is back at the Vitoria Stone Fair.


During the Vitoria Stone Fair 2019, ABIROCHAS, in the Brazil Original Stones project, will hold the 2nd edition of the Brazilian Stones Original Design, design show, bringing a new selection of furniture and objects produced with natural stones, thus highlighting all the versatility of materials.


The project, in partnership with ABIROCHAS, brings together the main releases and trends of materials and finishes for 2019, composing an exhibition of stones that, in this edition, will be presented in the same space of the Brazilian Stones Original Design.


Buyers Club is an exclusive program for qualified international buyers and reference in the ornamental stone market. The program invites a significant number of world importers, with purchasing power, to visit the fair.


The fair registered a great number of visitors impressed with the various possibilities of the use of natural stones
• 20.362 visitors
• 1.926 international visitors
• + 300 exhibitors
• 100 international buyers invited for the Buyers Club project
• 46 countries
Angola, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Arab Emirates, Spain, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel , Italy, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela and Vietnam.


The state which places Brazil among the largest countries in production and export of marble and granite.
The strength of the Brazilian ornamental stone sector continues to rise in the international market. Data from the Brazilian Association of Ornamental Stones (Abirochas) indicate that Brazil is in 4th place in countries that produced the most natural stones, accounting for 7% of the world production of the stone sector.

Trade transactions in 2018 closed with US$ 992.5 million in exports. The United States, China and Italy, respectively, maintained the leadership. Espírito Santo, in turn, remained in the hegemony of Brazil´s main exporting state, accounting for US$ 791.3 million of exports, equivalent to 79.37% of the country´s total revenues.

Data from the Trade Union of the Ornamental Stone, Lime and Limestone Industry of Espirito Santo (Sindirochas) analyze the year 2018 with encouraging figures for exports of ornamental stones. Although the final result of the year was 10.38% below what was verified in 2017 (Brazilian exports), the last four months were positive results, when compared to the same period of 2017. From September to December, there was a resumption of the growth, with a peak in November, which was 24.92% better than the same month in 2017. In Espírito Santo exports, the same behavior was detected, only changing the month more positive for December, with growth of 24.58%.


Wide variety of colors, tones and textures, combined with the characteristics acquired in nature itself, such as veins and imperfections, make the use of natural stones in the architecture an aspect of exclusivity and refinement to each designed environment.

In addition to its aesthetic value and durability, the choice of each material tells a lot about the personality and style of each client. Due to the wide variety of natural stones available in the Brazilian market it is possible to please from clients who opt for classic products, to modern clients, who bet on colored stones with textures and movements.

Due to it all, the use of the stones in the decoration turns the space into a true piece of art, in addition to conferring unquestionable beauty and authenticity.
• A storyteller choice
• Exclusive art gallery
• Versatility in decoration
• Beauty that goes beyond generations
• Maintenance without effort


The strength of granite makes the main application of the stone in kitchens and bathrooms. Known for high durability, with low water absorption, the composition allows the granite to be resistant to chemical and abrasive scratches and abrasions, which guarantees the possibility of being applied in internal or external environments, with great flow of people.

Imposing and elegant, marble is the main material used in the construction of tropical countries to give a sense of freshness to the environment. In colder regions, they are combined with heating systems and carpets.
Although luxurious, marble is a more delicate stone that needs greater care, and is not suitable for kitchen countertops and outdoor areas because of its greater vulnerability to risks and water absorption.

The quartzite can be described as rock that unites the beauty of marble to the resistance of granite, and can be used in all environments of the house. Wealth abundant in Brazilian soil, the rock is the noblest of all and goes from the simplest to the superexotic. It can be applied to floors, walls, countertops, furniture and decorative objects.


Parque de Exposição Floriano Varejão
Pavilhão de Carapina, BR 101 Norte – Carapina – Serra – ES , 29161-064, Brasil


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