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After a record-breaking edition in 2016 that welcomed 78,579 participants from 142 countries, The Big 5 is coming back bigger than ever this year.  Awarded “Best Trade Exhibition Over 10,000 sqm Gross” at The Middle East Event Awards 2017, the largest and the most influential construction event in the Middle East will open its doors at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 26 to 29 November.
The 38th edition of The Big 5 will offer industry professionals from around the globe an enhanced platform to do business, and source the most innovative products and solutions for their projects from over 2,500 exhibitors.
Networking and learning opportunities will be also on the rise this year, with The Big 5 CPD-certified Talks, Live Products Demonstrations, the Platinum Club, the 10th edition of the Gaia Awards, the Excellence in Construction Summit and The Big 5’s Innovation in Precast Summit, enabling professionals and decision makers to stay ahead with the latest trends and opportunities in the ever evolving regional construction market.

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The Big 5’s Excellence in Construction Summit will explore current and future trends of the construction sector in Dubai, the GCC region and beyond. The high-level conference will take place on November 26, bringing under one roof the visionaries and forward thinking leaders who have expanded the horizons of excellence in strategic innovations and construction.

Some of the confirmed VIP speakers include Ahmed Al Khatib, Vice President of Real Estate & Delivery at Expo 2020 Dubai; Chris Kelsey, CEO of Cazza, the company behind the first 3D printed skyscraper project; and Bibop G. Gresta, Chairman and Co-Founder of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

On November 26 and 27, The Big 5 will also host the first Innovation in Precast Summit. Exploring the latest technologies, innovations, standards and regulations in precast concrete, the two-day event will feature internationally renowned precast experts, and is expected to be a turning point in the development of the regional building sector.

The Big 5 2017 will also offer 72 world-class educational sessions, The Big 5 Talks. Delivered by industry leaders, the Talks will focus on six themes: MEP, Architecture, Sustainability, Business, Technology and Project Management.

The sessions will be CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified, and free to attend for all visitors. Over 6,000 architects, engineers, project managers, contractors, developers and interior designers attended the complimentary workshops in 2016, confirming The Big 5 as the leading hub for knowledge-sharing and professional growth within the regional construction industry.

After the successful introduction of a new floor plan that clusters exhibitors into product sectors, The Big 5 2017 will further facilitate business opportunities effectively responding to the current needs of construction industry professionals. In order to meet the growing demand for smart, innovative and sustainable cooling solutions, and to support the local construction market in advancing industry best practices, The Big 5 is introducing a new dedicated HVAC-R hall.
Moreover, with 20% of visitors at The Big 5 2016 expressing an interest in solar technology, the largest construction event in the region will be co-located for the first time to The Big 5 Solar. Under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Energy, the event is set to become a premier platform for solar industry professionals to network and do business in the Middle East. The Big 5 Solar pursues the escalating green demands in the GCC market by showcasing solar technologies from local and international exhibitors, as well as offering an education agenda geared towards industry development.

With environmental awareness surging in the regional construction industry, the 10th edition of the Gaia Awards at the Big 5 will recognize innovative ‘green’ products and sustainable solutions for the MENA built environment, while the Live Product Demonstrations will offer an interactive display of the most innovative products and technologies presented in real time by The Big 5 exhibitors.

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The Big 5 Dubai, together with the two co-located shows, PMV Live and Middle East Concrete, will be held in Dubai World Trade Centre.

EDUCATION  –  The Big 5 Talks Overview

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Introducing brand new ‘Talks’ for The Big 5 2017. The Big 5 Talks will deliver world-class educational and knowledge-sharing sessions focusing on themes inspired about what’s happening within the construction industry. This year, the content is integrated with our product sectors, making the Talks even more interesting. Top industry leaders will speak on six powerful themes for The Big 5 5 talks 2017 – MEP Talks, Architecture Talks, Sustainability Talks, Business Talks, Technology Talks and Project Management Talks.


The talks will cover a wide range of subjects for specified sectors, as follows:

  • Sustainability talks
  • Architecture talks
  • Business talks
  • Project management
  • MEP talks
  • Technology talks

The talks will provide information on dedicated product themes presented by key speakers.
The complete programme with information about the subjects, the speakers, the dates and the locations can be found in the link below. In addition anyone interested to attend the talks can be registered through this link.

1. MEP Talks

  • Why does MEP need construction contract risk analysis?
  • How to use BIM for MEP Design and Fabrication? Why is it so necessary?
  • Why and how MEP systems must be integrated at the design stage?
  • All you need to know about the UAE’S new Fire Safety and Life protection codes.
  • Emphasis on reducing energy and water usage: How to deliver MEP systems with continuous value engineering to optimise system performance?
  • Latest Trends and need for change in the MEP industry?
  • Which funding models are best suited for MEP industry in view of the current construction climate? / Effective cost management to avoid construction delays
  • What is the update on Etihad ESCO’s projects and projected plan for retrofitting the remaining 100,000 buildings? / How Dubai SCE and Etihad ESCO Dubai building retrofits strategy and programme are paving the way to a better retrofit market?
  • HVAC Day
    –      What’s future for district cooling?
    –      Why is there a growing demand for energy-efficient HVAC systems in the region?
    –    How Geothermal air conditioning could be the answer to what is needed in the MENA    region?
  • The role of sustainability in MEP and how to achieve it?

2. Architecture Talks

  • How to implement contemporary architecture without compromising culture and cost?
  • Where does the inspiration for unique and incredible architecture/design come from?
  • How to satisfy the customer? The age old question between what one wants and what is actually feasible from a design standpoint within budget?
  • What are the challenges faced by architects in terms of space, people, city and the planet? How do they overcome them?
  • The impact of architecture: How architecture can connect people and build communities?
  • A closer look into design principles for complex buildings/ Architecture lighting design
  • Design for value: How to combine human comfort and environmental comfort to create sustainable architecture?
  • Every building has a story – What is the importance of integrating a theme with design? How to collaborate Building design with storytelling?
  • How to reinvent existing structures? How to use Recycled building materials and design based on circular economy model? / Innovation in building materials
  • The art of implementing sustainable design and architecture to fix the current environmental challenges.
  • What possibilities can be created using VR in building design?
  • Design and architectural innovation in facades / Advanced facades geometries

3. Sustainability Talks

  • High performance Facades: Designing sustainable and innovative building envelopes
  • Energy and Atmosphere Strategies for LEED v4
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Strategies for LEED v4
  • Sustainability for C-level Executives/ How to integrate sustainability strategies such as Estidama and Al Safat into your business model?
  • What’s new in the Dubai Municipality’s green building regulations?
  • Case study on Dubai’s first ever sustainable megaproject: Sustainable City / Case study on first sustainable residential villas in Masdar City
  • All you need to know to maximise your building’s energy savings
  • How to manage the construction phase of sustainability targets?
  • What is the impact and application of sustainable development in the GCC?
  • How to retrofit the existing buildings in the UAE?
  • How to use glass smartly in sustainable buildings?
  • Constructing with a purpose: What are the wants and needs for construction today?

4. Technology Talks

  • BIM integration during design process
  • How can BMS systems improve energy efficiency and operational performance?
  • Smart Living in Smart Buildings – advancements in home automations
  • All you need to know about IoT – Internet of Things
  • From Smart buildings to smart cities – How to improve efficiency and performance through integrated technologies?
  • How is BIM transforming the construction landscape?
  • Introduction to 4D and 5D BIM
  • The new era of (GeoBIM) – BIM GIS integration
  • The role of Drones in construction
  • 3D modelling or mesh construction
  • How AR (Augmented Reality) can benefit construction?
  • Cloud based technology for integrated performance of buildings

5.  Business Talks

  • How construction will drive the growth of Dubai economy in 2017?
  • Key strategies to achieve profits in construction
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and its relevance to the Middle East market
  • What is the current market scenario for construction and where is it headed to? / Business opportunities and growth areas in the Construction Industry
  • Why is Real Estate the number one preferred investment across Dubai?
  • Opportunities for the private sector to invest in public infrastructure hence nurturing key development in the economy / Opportunities for PPP (Public Private Partnership)
  • The need for businesses to reinvent in order to remain relevant
  • Role of Project Finance in Construction / Alternate financing options in the wake of changing oil prices
  • Effective Time management in Construction/Cost Management – Jayan Balakrishnan
  • How to best prepare for VAT in construction? /What is the impact of oil prices on the construction industry? What is the way forward?
  • What are the Key Steps to resolving the inevitable construction dispute? – Any law firm (DLA piper)
  • Remuneration strategies to attract and retain accomplished leaders in construction considering HR costs/ How build and retain Your Talent Pool for Future Growth?

6. Project Management Talks

Global Thought leaders will share some of their experiences working on iconic projects and provide insights on topics ranging from introduction to project management to advanced level PM, PMP and PMO’s. A big hit with the attendees Project Management Talks will provide you with new insights to boldly lead, innovate and achieve successful results in the ever-changing professional environment.

Below is the initial agenda for the Project Management Talks. We are working on finalizing this soon, watch this space for updates.

  • Capturing the Value of Project Management through Organizational Agility
  • Project Schedule Between Applying Standards and Practical Construction Monitoring and Controlling
  • How to Maximize the Business Value Behind Choosing the Right PMO System?
  • Leading The Leaders, Smart Leadership as a secure path to avoid Project and team Failure
  • Influencing Program Decision Making through Cash Flow Forecasting & Manage
  • Knowledge management in the construction industry
  • Implementation Practical Risk Management for Mega Construction Projects: Project Management
  • Leadership To Drive Projects and Project Management Career To Effective Change
  • BIM Between Theory and Practice
  • Does your organization strategy performance reporting truly reflect your organization portfolio performance?
  • Construction Projects and their impact on project’s constraints
  • Towards Lean Construction: the future of BIM–based project planning and control   Capturing the Value of Project Management through Organizational Agility
  • Project Schedule Between Applying Standards and Practical Construction Monitoring and Controlling
  • How to Maximize the Business Value Behind Choosing the Right PMO System?
  • Leading The Leaders, Smart Leadership as a secure path to avoid Project and team Failure
  • Influencing Program Decision Making through Cash Flow Forecasting & Manage
  • Knowledge management in the construction industry
  • Implementation Practical Risk Management for Mega Construction Projects: Project Management
  • Leadership To Drive Projects and Project Management Career To Effective Change
  • BIM Between Theory and Practice
  • Does your organization strategy performance reporting truly reflect your organization portfolio performance?
  • Construction Projects and their impact on project’s constraints
  • Towards Lean Construction: the future of BIM–based project planning and control

7.  What is CPD?

  • What are CPD Points?
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the commitment to lifelong learning. Employers and institutions across industries are increasingly adopting a more structured approach to learning in order to retain key staff and develop the skills and knowledge in the organization to maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage.
  • Why is CPD Accreditation Important?
    CPD accreditation is important because it ensures that courses provided adhere to the highest educational standards and international benchmarks of quality and learning.
  • How does it Work?
    There is no fixed approach to CPD and different professional institutes and associations will have their own interpretation of courses and requirements. The majority set an annual target, which is defined by the accrual of CPD hours through attending training, seminars, workshops and conferences. These CPD hours are then converted to points, units or credits. It is up to the individual to keep track of their hours, ensure their CPD records are up-to-date and that the courses meet the requirements of their professional body or association.
  • How does CPD benefit me?
    CPD benefits individuals by fostering a culture of continuous personal improvement, skills development and knowledge sharing. It helps to ensure that individuals are kept informed, up-skilled and proficient to change in practice. CPD-certified training, seminars, workshops and conferences are also a significant benefit to those constricted by time, resource and budget as they can offer an affordable, time-efficient opportunity to develop skills and knowledge.

All delegates attending a workshop at The Big 5 Construct India will receive a certificate of attendance. All workshops are free to attend, but places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Be sure to register early to avoid missing out.


The Big 5 Solar launches this November 26 – 29 2017 dedicated to driving a solar powered world and building the solar community of tomorrow. Co-located with The Big 5 Dubai, the largest construction show in the Middle East at the Dubai World Trade Centre.
5894 of The Big 5 visitors in 2016 were looking for solar technologies making The Big 5 Solar an ideal platform to meet dedicated buyers, get inspired at the Global Leaders Solar Summit and open up to new markets. GCC countries aim to reach 10% of power production from renewable energy sources by 2020 presenting massive opportunities for suppliers in the region.


Published by BNC for The Big 5 Dubai , April, 2017

Dubai is building a smart and sustainable city by investing in smart infrastructure related to transportation systems, ICT networks and energy management. The Dubai government is also improving the way in which city officials interact directly with the community by automating government service and achieving quicker response times to emergencies. There are major construction projects currently underway to improve the environmental footprint, mobility and transportation networks in Dubai. The smart initiatives currently underway will support the government’s aim to be a leading smart city by 2021.

dubai burj

Dubai aims to be a leading smart city by 2021. It was the first city in the world to assess the efficiency of municipality operations and their interactions with the community under an initiative led by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The government office is working in collaboration with the private sector to fulfill smart city initiatives aimed at a citywide smart transformation to improve Introduction the efficiency and quality of experience for residents and visitors.
The vision of building a smart and sustainable city is a major theme under the Dubai Plan 2021 and many construction projects are currently underway to improve Dubai’s infrastructure for smart and sustainable growth.


A proposed 545 smart initiatives and services will push Dubai to become a leading smart city by 2021.

Dubai government have created a roadmap that spreads 545 smart initiatives and services across eight government entities and two smart districts. The infrastructure of this roadmap alone is estimated to cost 8USD billion.
According to the BNC Smart City report commissioned by The Big 5, the largest and most influential construction event in the region, the first wave is of initiatives are focused on connection and technological infrastructure; such as Smart Governance.
The second wave of initiatives and services will be geared towards Smart Living – providing monumental opportunities for investment in the construction sector.
There are approximately 185 proposed projects in the transport sector holding an estimated value of USD 32bn. These include rail ventures, marine plans, and aviation projects.


1. Desert Rose Housing Project

The urban community will have 40,000 cubic meters of recycling wastewater. The roofs of
homes and buildings for 20,000 plots will be covered with solar panels producing 200
megawatts of electricity.

2. The Silicon Park Project

The integrated smart city will use green building material and roofs, and will use advanced
technologies to control water consumption. It will also offer electricity-powered vehicles and
smart rechargeable bikes to move around the tech park.

3. Dubai mGovernment Initiative

The initiative involves moving from eGovernment to mGovernment, with many government
services having a central login center through mobile devices.

4. Free City Wi-Fi & Parking App

The initiative involves free Wi-Fi on public transport, charging stations for electric cars and a
parking application through mobile devices.

5. The Sustainable City

The project is designed to produce net-zero-energy, receiving all its needs from solar-paneled roofs to power 500 townhouses. The project will also have recyclable water for urban farming.

6. World Expo 2020 Masterplan

The Expo site will offer solar powered structures that generate enough electricity for half of the Expo energy requirements. The project will be used as a sustainable benchmark for conserving energy.




The Dubai smart city initiatives tie into the Dubai Plan 2021 which aims to build a world-class city through empowering themes such as smart and sustainable living. An aspect of this theme involves “building a fully connected and integrated infrastructure that ensures easy mobility for all residents and tourists, and provide easy access to all economic centers and social services in line with the words best cities.” The transport sector is a key component to realizing this goal. As per the BNC Project Intelligence, the Dubai transport sector has Construction Activities approximately 185 projects with a combined estimated value of USD 32 billion. Road projects make up the highest number of construction projects in the Dubai transport sector, whereas rail projects constitute the highest value of transport projects in the city. Both of these project types aim to improve the mobility and access points in the city.

For the complete survey:


Here can be found 5 reports concerning the booming expansion of the construction sector in the U.A.E.:


For the complete Post Show Report of the 2016 session of the exhibition:


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