The Big 5 Construct North Africa construction trade show will be held between 25 – 27 April 2017 at the Parc Des Expositions de L’office des Changes in Casablanca. This expo will be Morocco’s focal meeting point for the construction industry buyers and sellers, global manufacturers, decision-makers and solution-providers to network and do business. Hundreds of global suppliers will present the latest products, materials and solutions at the construction trade show, as well as networking with budget-holders, project managers and investors to find out more about meeting the needs for Morocco’s infrastructure projects.

Every exhibition stand is construction industry-focused and will offer products and services that are of direct benefit to the North African construction market. Over the past 35 years, The Big 5 has established its position as the leading international platform for the construction world to source products, materials, machinery and expert services, as well as attending free CPD-certified educational workshops to keep industry professionals up-to-date with the latest technologies, innovations, local business climate and materials.

Dubai Exports confirmed that it will take part in the show with a delegation of buyers with the aim of establishing new partnerships with local manufacturers. Also, the Developers and Builders Alliance (DBA), the American Institute of Architect (AIA), the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Kenya Federation of Master Builders (KFMB) are just some of the associations supporting The Big 5 Construct North Africa 2017.

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Parc Des Expositions de L’office des Changes, Casablanca, Moroco.


There some crucial reasons for the companies dealing with the total construction sector and interested in making business in Morocco specifically and the wider North Africa region in general, to visit or participate in the show.

  • Free CPD certified workshops will be presented by experts.
  • Source thousands of certified, innovative and regionally distributed products.
  • A delegation of 30 key buyers will be attending from GCC.
  • The show will bring together influential decision-makers from across the region and beyond offering opportunities that are guaranteed to generate sales leads.
  • The opportunity to reach up to 350,000 prospective clients with FREE marketing support through the organizers’ network.
  • Through this network of over 20 international agents supported by local on-the-ground office expertise, a dedicated marketing and database team, high profile industry endorsement and government body support. The Big 5 Construct North Africa gives direct access to thousands of architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors and real estate developers actively seeking new and groundbreaking construction products.



    The Big 5 Construct North Africa will profile more than 300 global companies showcasing the latest construction products, equipment, technologies and services. Exhibitors will include providers of the following products:

    Construction Machineries, Equipment & Vehicles: PMV, Cutting, Bending and Welding, Machineries, Formwork & Scaffolding, Elevators & Escalators.

    MEP Services: HVAC- R, Plumbing and Water Technology, Electrical systems, Security and Fire Protection, Solar Energy.

    Construction Tools and Building Materials: Hardware and& Construction Tools, Metal and Steel, Concrete and Cement, Construction Equipment and& Machinery.

    Construction Technology: Software and IT Solutions, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Smart Building and Automation.

    Building Envelope & Special Construction: Windows, Doors and Sun Protection Systems, Roofing, Cladding and Glazing, Special Construction.


    At The Big 5 Construct North Africa, we make finding new contacts easier. The NEW & EXCLUSIVE meeting programme will provide participants a unique platform to connect, build strong relationships and grow together – before, during and after the event.


    check the availability of others.

  • Request meetings with prospects, who can then accept or reject a meeting.
  • Requests and confirmations are received via e-mail.
  • Participants can use the online platform to communicate with each other.
  • Print a list of the scheduled meetings and matchmaking participants for your guide during the event.
  • Dedicated space for meetings with numbered tables provided at the event.
  • Each participant has access to schedule and request a new meeting if a time slot is available.


    The government is expected to invest more than €10 billion Euro in the construction sector over the next five years with new infrastructure projects in transport and tourism, among other sectors. Morocco’s construction sector is therefore forecast to grow at 4.8% by the end of 2016 and average 3.5% year-on-year over the next 10 years. This growth is being driven by infrastructure development, particularly expansion in the transport, energy and residential sectors.The government’s investment policies are continuing to attract business from a wide range of foreign firms and multilateral investors. Foreign investment is flowing into the Moroccan market and the country’s outlook for residential and commercial construction is also positive.

    In 2011, the Moroccan government introduced a series of reforms to improve the overall competitiveness of its economy and to encourage foreign entities to continue to invest in Morocco. The increased competitiveness will underpin Morocco’s continuing economic growth and contribute to furthering Moroccan infrastructure development. In 2014, Morocco was the third-largest recipient of foreign investment in Africa, and the country is expected to remain attracting infrastructure investment because of its economic progress. The Moroccan government introduced a new public private partnership (PPP) law to take further steps to help organizations to invest in Morocco and facilitate the development of infrastructure projects. This new law is facilitating continued Moroccan infrastructure building, particularly in the energy and transportation sectors. It is also encouraging PPP funding arrangements in the new areas of health and education, along with ongoing infrastructure development in areas such as highways, airport and port extensions and railways.

    Moroccan Government investment into its construction sector will exceed €10 billion Euro over the next five years and include funding into the transport and tourism sectors. According to the Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics, the industry received €3.9 billion Euro for public works in 2015. In the same year, Government investment into ports received an €1.4billion; and roads and highways were funded to the tune of €1.1 billion. As well as the road infrastructure, Morocco’s national railway department approved a budget of €816 million Euro in 2015. Of this, €435 million was allocated to the country’s high-speed line, which is now under construction. This is Africa’s first high-speed railway and €380.8 million Euro is allocated to modernizing the existing rail network. The country aims to add 1,500 km of high-speed railway by 2035. Funds will also be devoted to strengthening security and safety, building the railway stations themselves and acquiring new trains. The National Ports Agency, the government entity that manages all ports (apart from Tanger-Med), is budgeting €8.1 billion Euro in public and private investment in port infrastructure between 2010 to 2030. This particular government investment is necessary to handle an increase in port traffic to 290 million tonnes by 2030, compared to 71.2m tonnes in 2013. Projects to enhance capacity in over half of the ports are in the works to prepare for the anticipated increase in demand.


    Road Projects: The Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics is in the process of carrying out studies into more than 20 PPPs, with the first expected to be launched in 2016. In January 2016, key infrastructure projects for Casablanca were announced, including the development of the city road network and the construction of two bypass roads and a tunnel on the national highway, RN1. These road projects are expected to cost USD$ 316 million and be finished by 2020.

    Other Transport Sector Projects: Projects valued at USD$ 426 million have been launched to build a second tram line and to extend the first tram line in the city. Three new port construction projects have been identified in the National Port Strategy 2030 as eligible for PPP. These are a general port at Kenitra (USD$ 864 million), an LNG port at Jorf Lasfar (Phase 1 – USD$ 745 million and Phase 2 – USD$ 100 million) and a fishing-industrial port at Dakhla (USD$ 616 million.)

    The Ports Sector: Ongoing projects include expansion of the ports in Casablanca and Jorf Lasfar, as well as improvements to the ports in Mohammedia, Sidi Ifni and Kenitra. A new port in Safi, supported by public sector financing, is on schedule to begin operations in 2017. The €435 million port will have an annual capacity of 14 million tonnes. The government construction contract was awarded to Moroccan group SGTM.
    The city port in Tangier is also expanding its second terminal, Tanger-Med II, with an €914 million government investment and is scheduled to be operational in 2018. The added capacity of 5.2 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) makes the port a leader in the Mediterranean and Atlantic for container traffic. Construction began in 2010 and the government construction contract went to a consortium of French, Italian, Belgian and Moroccan firms.

    The Air Transport sector: Air transport is also receiving significant government investment with the expansion of Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport as one of its major projects. Once the expansion work for terminals 1 and 2 have been completed in 2017, the airport capacity will double from seven million to 14 million passengers. Airport upgrades are also underway in Fez, Marrakech and Nador.

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