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Marble Institute of America (MIA) and Building Stone Institute (BSI): the American joint-venture for the natural stone industry.

On January 1, 2016, the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and Building Stone Institute (BSI) established a cooperation known as MIA+BSI, the Natural Stone Institute.

Together they have more than 1,900 members in 55 countries, representing all kinds of activities regarding the natural stones industry, offering them a wide array of technical and training resources, professional development, regulatory advocacy, and networking events.

The joint venture was designated with a duration of two years , starting January ,1, 2016.

The two members of the joint venture, MIA and BSI, will continue to edit their two publications, the Dimension Stone Design Manual and Building Stone Magazine, respectively, editions with a worldwide reputation and acceptance.

A. The Marble Institute of America (MIA)

MIA is the American trade association dealing with activities about the natural stones industry.

MIA provides information, technical recourses , business assistance and helping tools such as publications , videos and supporting educational programs.

Back in 1907, the National Association of Marble Dealers was founded, then in 1944 the National Association of Marble Producers joined them, establishing together the MIA. In 1962 the National Association of Marble Builders joined MIA too.

One of the most important tools edited by MIA was Dimension Stone Design Manual, considered as the most important technical resource in the natural stone industry, with a wide range of information for the technical standards of the natural stones .

Τhe MIA President is Mr. Dan Rea

Marble Institute of America Accredited Companies
Accredited Natural Stone Fabricators
MIA Accredited Commercial A Contractors
MIA Accredited Commercial B Contractors

Code of Ethics for Accredited Companies

MIA Accreditation for natural stone fabricators and commercial contractors recognizes those companies that meet the industry’s highest standards for business activities, product knowledge, fabrication and installation.

To earn MIA Accreditation, a company must complete an intensive, rigorous process that includes documentation of its business and employment practices, letters of recommendation, a written examination and site visits to the facility and completed jobs.

B. The Building Stone Institute (BSI)

The BSI was founded in 1919. It is a nonprofit trade association, providing technical guidance, educational materials and continuing education to its members, concerning the natural stones uses and benefits.

Members are quarries, fabricators, retailers, importers, exporters, carvers, sculptors, restorers, designers, and installers.

BSI provides programs and services that empower the member companies to offer the highest level of quality products and services.

BSI supports its members in order to continue to increase the quality of service, the quality of products, and the demand for stone.

The BSI President is Mr. Rob Barnes

bsi and mia dimension stone design manual

The Dimension Stone Design Manual, Version 8.

The new version of the manual is the Dimension Stone Design Manual, Version 8, presented by the joint venture MIA+BSI with access to its data for their members only.

The manual is considered to be the most authoritative technical resource in the natural stone industry, used by thousands of stone contractors, design professionals and construction specifiers.

Check here for the useful data included in the Manual, Version 8.

More information, updates and news can be found at:

Marble Institute of America
380 E. Lorain Street, Oberlin, OH 44074
T: 440-250-9222 · F: 440-774-9222

Building Stone Institute
5 Riverside Drive, Building 2
P.O. Box 419, Chestertown, New York 12817
T: 518- 803-4336 . F: 518- 803-4338

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