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MARBLE SHOW , 18 – 21 October 2017, Antalya
Natural Stone & Marble, Projects and Technologies Exhibition


The MARBLE SHOW will take place from 18 to 21, October 2017, in Antalya.

The Marble Show in Antalya is a specialized exhibition on the subject of marble and natural stones. Apart from exhibiting the raw materials the Marble Show provides valuable insights into various stone processing techniques. It is aimed at trade visitors, such as civil engineers, architects, interior designers and other industrialists. The focus of the international event is on the use of marble and natural stones like travertine and granite in architectural projects. Seminars and symposiums with the participation of renowned architects and designers complement the Marble Show emphasizing once more the importance of marble and natural stones for the national economy.

Marble Show Antalya is an international meeting point for natural stone and marble specialists. The main focus of the event is the creation of a professional environment that gather professionals from several sectors, such as architecture, design, construction and building, machinery and even logistics. Additionally, Marble Show Antalya offers educational sessions, special conferences led by famous architects and academicians.

With the motto of “Turkey’s Marble Project Exhibition”, Marble Show Antalya aims to promote natural stone and marble use for ongoing building projects.

In this regard, Marble Show Antalya brings together marble producing companies and architects, civil engineers, designers and contractors under the same roof. Seminars by world famous architects and designers will also be held during the exhibition.

Operating for 24 years in the exhibition industry, Turkel Fair Organization Inc has provided key services for the promotion of our country by introducing more than 10.000 companies to the new markets in 41 countries with more than 300 fairs it has organized, increasing the variety of exported products and markets.

Marble Show Antalya aims to emphasize and promote natural stone and marble use in ongoing building projects and brings together marble producing companies with architects, interior designers, civil engineers, building project owners, general contractors and the purchase departments of the ongoing mall, hotel and trade center building projects under the same roof.

As part of the event, presentations to be held in the Trend Area, seminars by well-known architects and academician groups in addition to procurement committee visitors from 17 countries put a new face and add dimensions on Turkey’s only Project Marble Exhibition!

IMIB – Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association, is a professional non-profit association which deals with all export activities in minerals sector. Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association was founded in 1976 and has 2160 members as of 2015.



Türkel Fair Organization, Huzur Mah. Fatih Cad. 4.Levent Plaza 67/6, 34149 Istanbul, Turkey. Tel: +90 (0)212 2842300, Fax: +90 (0)212 2784402,

Since 1993, Turkel Fair Organization Inc. has been organizing trade fairs on a wide spectrum in more than 30 countries of the World across 4 continents until today such as in Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic Republics, Poland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Romania, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Ghana, Sudan, Syria, Nigeria, Venezuela, Canada, Republic of South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Qatar and Kuwait.

Turkel Fair Organization is organizing trade fairs with license which is authorized by Turkish Ministry of Economy ( Turkel has obtained ISO 9001:2000 UKAS QUALITY MANAGEMENT Certification, approved by British origined, Global Certification Ltd. Turkel has been approved to be a member of UFI (Union of International Fairs) in the year of 2005.


The Industry sectors presented in the exhibition are: Construction Technology, Materials and Equipment, Interior Fittings (industry 09).
The main product groups are: Marble, marble processing technologies, marble products, natural stone, granite, onyx, travertine, natural stones industry, stone working machines, art works, chemicals abrasives, design engineering, storage technology, tools, transport technology, environmental protection and recycling technologies, chemicals logistics.


Supported by Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association (IMIB), Turkish Marble &Mining Foundation, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and West Mediterranean Exporters Association (BAIB) and with the cooperation of the local and international marble portals, Marble Show Antalya, Turkey’s Marble Project Exhibition, will be the meeting place of natural stone industry in Eurasia.


In terms of natural stones, and especially marble, Turkey has ample resources since it is located in the Alp’s mountain range. Turkey has been one of the oldest marble producers in the world with its 4,000 years of background in marble production starting on the Marmara Island. Turkey has immense reserves of marble, travertine, onyx, conglomerate, breccias and magmatic rocks.

Turkey’s total marble reserves are estimated at about 5.2 billion m3 –13.9 million tons. Turkey has an exploitable reserve of 4 billion m3 for marble deposits; the same figure is 2.8 billion m3 for travertine and 1 billion m3 for granite. According to estimates, Turkey has 40 percent of the world’s total marble reserves. Having a considerable and quite diverse mineral base, Turkey has one of the world’s largest natural stone reserves, which is considered to be excellent quality and exclusive due to great variety of colors and textures. Turkey is among the world’s most important natural stone manufacturers with its huge reserves and well-developed processing industry.

More than 1.500 marble quarries, 2.000 factories and about 9.000 workshops operate in the sector. 90% of quarries are located in the west of Anatolia, mainly in the Aegean and Marmara Regions. Turkey’s total production capacity of marble is 6.5 million m2 and for granite 10, 5 million m2. In the last years marble production increased sharply. According to data from MIGEM (The General Directorate of Mining Affairs), major products which are produced in Turkey are marble, travertine, basalt and andesite. Granite production is the other important item in stone industry.



Turkey with its location, where all trade roads are crossing, has to assert the policies for increasing the business volume of the marble industry by a better using of this advantage. The innovations at this track will effect as a leverage in the sector.

Turkey, situated on the Alpine Belt, where the world’s richest marble deposits are found, is among the world’s oldest natural stone producers with four thousand years of production history that starts with the Marmara Island. With the Marmara and Aegean Regions at the forefront, almost in all geographical regions from the Thrace to the Eastern Anatolia, hundreds of different colors textures and patterns of natural stones are found that are of a quality capable of gaining appreciation in the world markets. Among these, granite, onyx, limestone, basalt, andesite, slate stone and diabase are types of stones that are leading in production with marble and travertine.

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