Marble Izmir Fair 2019

Marble Izmir Fair 2019

25th Marble Izmir Fair – International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair
27 – 30 MARCH 2019

As one of the most important meeting in the natural stone sector in the world, MARBLE – International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair is opening its gates to whole world for its 25th session. MARBLE will welcome many exhibitors companies and sector professionals from Turkey and various countries at fuarizmir, the largest and the most modern fair complex in Turkey.
While the marble reserves in Turkey constitutes 33% of the marble reserves in the whole world, Turkey draws attention with its marble variety. Turkey has the marble reserves consisting of more than 120 colors and more than 80 different forms. The most famous marble types in the international market are Süpren, Elazığ Cherry Red, Akşehir Black, Manyas White, Bilecik Beige, Tiger Skin, Denizli Travertine, Aegean Maroon, Milas Lilac, Gemlik Diabase and Afyon Sugar.
As the city hosting MARBLE Fair, Izmir is one of the most convenient cities for exportation of natural stone. MARBLE Fair brings thousands of sector professionals from all over the world together each year in coastal city of Izmir, the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa continents.

Marble Izmir Fair 2018


• To protect and improve relations with present customers
• To find new customers
• To increase brand value
• To promote new avarry, product, technology and service
• Creating an international network


• NATURAL STONE: Marble – Travertine – Granite – Onyx – Limestone Diabase – Andesite – Basalt – Decorative products
• CHEMICAL TOOLS: Chemical Tools for Mining Tools for Factories and Workshop
• TECHNOLOGY: Mining machines – Heavy Equipment – Factory and Workshop Machines – Environmental Protection, Recycling and Recovery Systems
• CONSUMABLES: Mining Consumables – Factory and Workshop Consumables
• OTHER: Logistic Firms Sectoral Organizations and Magazines


• Distributors and Wholesalers of Natural Stone Processing & Machinery and Technologies
• Construction and Contracting Companies
• Project Management and Advisory Services
• Building Inspection Companies
• Architectural Offices
• Construction Markets
• Wholesalers, Retailers and Distributors of Construction Materials
• Distributors and Wholesalers of Construction Machines
• Mining and Natural Stone Companies


1.160 PARTICIPANTS (914 Domestic and 246 International Exhibitors) from 34 Countries
•64.314 VISITORS (53.524 Domestic and 9.790 International Visitors) from 123 Countries
•150.000 sqm EXHIBITION AREA
•10.000+ B2B MEETINGS
•Exhibited countries:
EUROPE: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine;
ASIA: Azerbaijan, China, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam; NORTH AMERICA: Canada, United States of America;
AFRICA: Mauritius



Panoramic photo of exterior Marble Izmir Fair

Culturepark Fair Ground
Sair Esref Bulvari No:50, Montro 35230, Kulturpark, Turkey
Turkey’s largest trade fair center , fairizmir, is build in order to respond to city’s developing fair potential and open new opportunities to the industry including 330,000 m² exhibition place , indoor and outdoor exhibition area of 119,000 sqm , 12,000 sqm of exhibition street, cafes and restaurants area is 16,000 sqm.


Marble Izmir Fair 2019 - general settlement plan have published an extensive presentation of the exhibition in addition with very interesting information about the marble sector in Turkey. For the complete article please check here:
More than looking into the future, Marble Izmir will also introduce Turkey as the bridge connecting the Middle East and the Western world. The Fair, which is a meeting point of both markets, will reveal new business opportunities.
Last year’s „International Pavilion” will again be held. In 2019, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Brazil, and China are expected to participate. Iran’s presentation, comprising its own block exhibition in the block area, will grow 3 times compared to 2018.
While Afghanistan and Iran come to the forefront with their unique marble varieties, Brazil and India will introduce their boutique granite varieties with different combinations of colors and patterns. China will present its large variety of materials.
Key topics of the above-mentioned transformation of the stone industry are technology, creativity, and design.
The 5th edition of the International Stone Congress will highlight presentations in design with natural stone, the importance of stone in contemporary architecture, the cultural dimension of stone, innovative methods in stone design realization and mosaic culture. In addition, the World Natural Stone Forum will bring together representatives from USA, Spain, India, Iran, Brazil, Russia, China, and Turkey.
Natural Stone Institute (NSI)
The Natural Stone Institute (NSI) will again be a special guest. The US-association with more than 2,000 members from 55 countries will send a team of 40 experts to lay out the basis for an increase in the stone exchange between Turkey and North America.
One aspect of the training will be the ASTM standards. „If Turkey succeeds these practices that emphasize quality and efficiency in production, it will make an important investment for the future: Manufacturers will use fewer resources and produce more efficient products, as well as become the largest supplier in the Western world,” as said in a press release of Fuar İzmir.

Marble Izmir Fair 2018


With the participation of the leading representatives of the natural stone sector of Turkey, USA, China, India, Russia and Iran takes place. For the event that will continue for 3 days, it invites Forum invitations to the countries ‘ natural stone sectors. National Stone Institute: (NSA) American Natural Stone Institute Wonasa: World Natural Stone Association FİCCİ & FİGSİ: Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iran Stone Expo: Iran Natural Stone Exhibition ABIROCHAS: AssociacaoBrasiler Brazil Association Stone Industry of Russia: Russian Natural Stone Institute Association ChinaShuitou International Stone Fair: Shuitou International Natural Stone Fair EİB – Aegean Exporter Associations / AegeanExportersAssociation İMİB – Istanbul Mineral Exporters Association Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association TÜMMER – Turkey Marble Natural Stone and Machinery Manufacturers Association Turkish Marble, Natural Stone and Machinery Manufacturers Association.


Young Creative Ideas Platform and Design Corridor will be held for the second time within the scope of the 25th Marble İzmir Fair. İZFAŞ is preparing to carry out the second of the Young Creative Ideas Platform at the same time with the 25th Marble İzmir Fair on 27-30 March 2019 in Fuarizmir. Thanks to the fact that the Young Creative Ideas Platform, which took place within the scope of Marble İzmir Fair 2018, is coming this year, we are aiming to reach more young designers this year and to work together with companies that believe in the influence of design and create a more effective design corridor.


The International Stone Congress, to be held this year, will take place in the 25th anniversary of the Marble Izmir Fair with the contributions of world famous architects and geological engineers. The theme of the congress, which will be held in cooperation of İZFAŞ, TMMOB Chamber of Geological Engineers Izmir Branch, Dokuz Eylül University Rectorship and Aegean Mine Exporters Association and hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is Stone’s Mind Congress Special Events Mosaic Work and Exhibition-Gulistan Genç and her team Lubosz Karwat-Ahmet Erdem-Mahmut Demirhan Photo Exhibition and Competition, Subject: “Stone’s Mind” Congress Opening Session: 27.03.2019.


Participate in first-hand live performances to see how Marble İzmir Fair participant sponsors machinery companies, how their latest technology works, how they look, and how they look at the texture and appearance of natural stone products. Take a drink and grab everything that’s in Designer Habitat’s workshop! Designer Habitat Workshop was brought to you by the sponsor fair participant companies and İZFAŞ organization. All shows are free and open to all Marble Izmir Fair participants. Invited Workshop Coordinators, İZFAŞ and sponsor company organizations are in the planning stage. Participants of the Young Creative Ideas Platform.

Izmir Fuari


İzmir Fair Services Culture and Art Affairs İZFAŞ
Sakarya st. Sakarya rd., Gaziemir 35410 Izmir, Turkey


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