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4 April to 8 April 2017 , Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Feicon Batimat is considered as on the top exhibitions in South America for architecture and building materials as well systems for industrial, commercial and residential construction and interior design. It takes place annually in Sao Paulo, Brazil, gathering a serious number of international exhibitors and market leaders involved in the building and construction industry.

In addition, during the show is taking place a number of very important events and presentations on the main issues of the sector.

feicon batimat


With more than 1,000 types of stones and colors ( more than 500 varieties for commercial use ), Brazil is the main supplier for the USA, Mexico, Argentina , Colombia and other countries of the Americas and a serious supplier for the E.U. countries. Brazilian exports of natural stones increased by 23% and reached $1.3 billion in 2013, with sales to more than 100 countries globally. The main final product of the granite sector is the kitchen countertop.

Brazil is considered as one of the main countries in the world ‘involved in the granite industry’. It is one the main producers together with China , India , the USA and Italy and the sixth largest natural stone exporter worldwide after Italy, China, India, Spain and Portugal. After Spain and China, Brazil is the third largest exporter of slate and following India, the second for granite blocks.

The 22nd edition of FEICON BATIMAT, 12-16 April 2016.

FEICON BATIMAT is focused on presenting firsthand the main trends and product launches in the construction industry, from basic materials to finishing. The 22nd edition provided its exhibitors and visitors contacts with the main suppliers in the industry, professional updates, networking with specialists and highly qualified technicians. In parallel gave to everyone interested in, to participate in simultaneous events that were totally innovative.

Products and sectors

The product groups presented in the 22nd edition of the show were: building design, building maintenance, building management, building security, ceramic, Components, construction materials, construction project management, doors, flooring, insulation, insulation materials, interior, project planning, solar panels, tiles and windows.

It covered industry sectors such as: Architecture, Building Construction, Building Materials, Construction Machinery, Structural Engineering,

Feicon-Batimat- visitors 2016

Visitors and exhibitors profile

The visitor profile for FEICON BATIMAT 2016 included specialists on architect, buyers of building sector, builders and interior designers, distributors, engineers, specifiers and developers, manufactures and wholesalers. The visitors’ number was approximately 120,000. The exhibitor profile include a wide range of products and professional services. The exhibits presented were in regard of kitchen and bath products, outdoor and leisure, paints, varnishes and coatings, tools and equipment for construction, environmental heating and cooling, , automation and safety, electrical and lighting systems, machineries, IT and professional services. The exhibitors reached the 2,000 ( in compare with the 1,050 of 2014).

Exhibitor’s origin was from over 32 countries, among them Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China (PR), Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, etc.

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The venue of FEICON BATIMAT 2016 was Pavilhao de Exposicoes do Anhembi, Santana, 1209, Avenida Olavo Fontoura Sao Paulo Brazil, with an exhibition area of 85,000 m2.

Special features and events held during the show (April 12 to 16, 2016):

According to the organizers: ‘Feicon Batimat is considered an inspirational platform for its thousands of visitors, making it reference for the civil construction market. With a 22-year history, this is the only event in Latin America offering a complete overview of the market in just one place: product exhibition, technical demos and launches, and totally innovative content events that provide attendees with unique experiences, professional updating and networking with specialists’.

The events taking place during the exhibition are:

  • Ceramic House is a construction project using structural masonry, demonstrating all of the efficiency, practicality, cost-savings and technology of ceramic blocks, meeting every prerequisite of Performance Standards. Ceramic House will innovate for Feicon Batimat 2016: it will use the same design as the homes built by the CDHU – São Paulo State Urban and Housing Development Company (The CDHU is a state government company connected to the Housing Secretariat and the largest public housing developer in Brazil. Its mission is to execute housing programs throughout the state, solely aimed at serving the low-income population).
  • Feicon Batimat Congress is considered an inspirational platform for its thousands of visitors, making it reference for the civil construction market. With a 22-year history, this is the only event in Latin America offering a complete overview of the market in just one place. By partnering with the biggest civil construction organizations and associations, Feicon Batimat will promote congresses with highly relevant content, market innovations and civil construction guidelines for today and tomorrow, with a focus on retail, architecture and other areas.
  • The Anamaco Retail School is a conceptual showcase of a construction materials store and a space for professionals and students to learn, a feature with demos how to reformulate a construction materials store in just 4 days. For industry students and professionals, the Retail Store School is where theory becomes practice. Courses with themes related to the construction materials segment give to future professionals a more realistic view of the Market.
  • The Energy Efficiency Workshop, organized by SIAMFESP, is a space dedicated to discussion and consultations on photovoltaic system technology, which is capable of generating energy by transforming solar radiation directly into energy.
  • The Water Sustainability Workshop was created considering the water shortage that ravaged southeastern Brazil in 2015. The Water Sustainability Workshop is a project developed by SIAMFESP that involves the entire water chain, including: collection, preservation, distribution, household consumption, commercial consumption, sanitation, purification and reuse. Managed by SIAMFESP, it brings together water-saving initiatives.
  • The Exhibitor Workshop is a space where technical debates and presentations, aimed at promoting the latest professional knowledge and learning on products, equipment, technologies, trends and best market practices are exchanged between exhibitors and partners.

    The next Feicon Batimat will be held from 4 April to 8 April 2017 at the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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