Santo Antonio Granitos

  • Business Type: Quarry Owner, Factory, Exporter
  • Main Products: Amazonita, Betularie, Camarica, Mascarello.

  • NO. of Employees:
  • Annual Turnover:
  • Established: 1968
  • Contact Person:

  • Company Profile: Santo Antonio

Santo Antonio Granitos seems to carry the destiny of its origins: constant renewal and the recognition of the heritage as a result of its trajectory are necessary to move forward. Forty-eight years ago, the state of Espirito Santo got to know what would become a massive phenomenon of extraction, production and commercialization of marble and granite. It was the birth, on the district of Santo Antonio - located where now is the city of Vargem Alta - of the marble sawmill which would be baptized under the district's name. It was in 1968 that combining a small shed with an investment in a single gang saw and the efforts of a whole family, the beginning of a sawmill that believed in a single quarry of white marble, the Santo Antonio marble.

  • Address: Rodovia Engenheiro Fabiano Vivacqua BR-482, 982
  • City: Espirito Santo
  • Country: Brazil
  • Contact Person:
  • Phone: 0055 28 2102 1920
  • Fax Number: 0055 28 21021920
  • Mobile:
  • Skype:

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