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  • Main Products: Thassos Lazaridis, Snow white, Victory white, Kyknos white, Volakas, Polaris classic 1, Polaris medium, Polaris white, Santorini white, Lazaridis limestone, Perlato, Golden Brown, Santa Sophia

  • NO. of Employees:
  • Annual Turnover:
  • Established: 1958
  • Contact Person:

  • Company Profile: LAZARIDIS MARMOR SA

The route of the company started back in 1958 when the future founder of the parent company “LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A.” exported the first marble blocks. In 1961 a marble cutting unit was set up and by 1968 the mining and exploitation of qualitative marble, as well as the trade of marble products were among the company’s activities. LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A. was established in 1970, after the consolidation of three pre-existing personal companies and nowadays having almost 50 years of experience in production, with privately owned quarries in Greece and abroad, is one of the leading companies in the marble industry.

  • Address: Terma Efxinou Pontou
  • City: Drama, 66100
  • Country: Greece
  • Contact Person:
  • Phone: 25210 60100
  • Fax Number: 25210 60205
  • Mobile:
  • Skype:

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