Larvic Granite

  • Business Type: Quarry Owner, Factory.
  • Main Products: Blue Pearl LG, Silver Pearl.

  • NO. of Employees:
  • Annual Turnover:
  • Established: 1987
  • Contact Person:

  • Company Profile: Larvik Granite

Larvic Granite Established in 1987, Larvik Granite is one of the youngest, but most successful quarry owners in Norway. Larvik Granite fully owns 5 quarries. We are situated in the town of Larvik, Norway, which is home to Larvikite, one of the most exclusive natural stones in the world. Our main products are from the Larvikite range. Larvikite is the result of volcanic activity almost 300 million years ago, which created a range of enchanting stones characterised by their large, shimmering, blue feldspar crystals. Larvik Granite is a traditional Norwegian quarry owner, but we are also a modern, international company focused on the future. We feel that we represent a new breed of stone producers. Driven by our customer focus and commitment to quality, we strive to set new standards based on the traditions of the past and close cooperation with our customers. We value our employees highly and focus on making Larvik Granite a safe, dynamic and positive working environment.

  • Address: Dronningensgt. 28 N-3262
  • City: Larvic
  • Country: Norway
  • Contact Person:
  • Phone: 0047 33 13 82 00
  • Fax Number: 0047 33 13 82 10
  • Mobile:
  • Skype:

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