Al Nada Group for Marble & Granite

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  • Business Type: Factory, Exporter
  • Main Products: Galala extra, Galala cream, Galala classic Golden cream extra Sunny light

  • NO. of Employees:
  • Annual Turnover:
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  • Company Profile: Al Nada Group for Marble & Granite

With over 8 years of experience in the sector, Al Nada Group for Marble & Granite, has become the world leader in the exploitation and preparation of AL NADA GROUP stone. AL NADA GROUP is a noble, vibrant, decorative product that can be personalized according to our customers' wishes. Ideal for both internal and external use, it is the most natural choice, unchanging with the passage of time AL NADA GROUP continually strives to offer our clients the very best products, fruit of research and the evolution of the materials used Being the year 2012 the business group more robust and efficient in the business of building finishes for high value worldwide. Maintaining an appropriate degree of diversification. Meeting the needs of customers with high value added finished construction, with provision of timely, quality and competitive, providing an appropriate product portfolio. Currently has a modern plant located in the international zone of marble and granite, Egypt.

  • Address: Floor no.: 10, Block no.: 101, El Amal Buildings, Autostrad Road, Maadi,
  • City: Cairo
  • Country: Egypt
  • Contact Person:
  • Phone: 0020 1 118585224
  • Fax Number:
  • Mobile:
  • Skype:

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